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Greg-OS Manual II

ModGregTech 4

Greg-OS Manual II is one of many Written Books that may be found in dungeons to help you learn how to use GregTech 4.


List of Logic Circuits

Basic Logic, Part I: This contains many simple Logic Gates. The first Six are basic Logic Gates. If you want to block any Inputs from it, then just screw a Redstone Cover on said Side. These Gates take Input from all uncovered Sides.

Basic Logic, Part II: Number Seven does 15 minus strongest Redstone. The following 6 Bit Gates are outputting what the binary Operators do. They take the strongest and the weakest Redstone Signal and compare them. Make sure to cover all unused Sides!

Basic Logic, Part III: The 14th Gate inverts the strongest incoming Restone Signal, using the Bitwise Inversion Operator '~'

BitAND: This is a special hardcoded BitAND. It does what a normal BitAND does and checks if the Output is greater 0, to give a boolean Output. Very useful in combination with the Button Panel.

Combination Lock: You need to apply 1 - 4 Redstone Signals of a certain Strength in a row to let this Pulse once. You can attach a Button Panel to this to get a Lock for your Door.

Pulse Limiter: This is a Pulse Limiter, which outputs one Pulse regardless how long the Input Signal is. Also the output Pulse Length can be configured.

Randomizer: Outputs Random Redstone Signals. The Interval to determine a new Random Number can be configured.

Redstone Meter: This checks if a Signal is larger than the lower boundary and lower than the upper boundary. The Output can be Inverted.

Repeater: This does what a normal Repeater does. It just delays an incoming Redstone Signal.

Timer: This Gate is very useful. It pulses every X Ticks, and unlike it's extremly crappy Counterpart of Redpower it is CONSISTENT. It doesn't just loose its Timing, as soon as someone uses a Bed or Logs out. Also much more things can be configured.