Green Heart Canister

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Green Heart Canister

ModTinkers' Construct

The Green Heart Canister is an item added by Tinkers' Construct. When it is equipped in the Armor tab added by Tinkers' Construct in the player's inventory interface, it increases their maximum health by 2 points (1 heart), depicted by overlaying an orange heart over preexisting ones. If Red Heart Canisters and Yellow Heart Canisters are already equipped, the hearts displayed may instead be yellow, representing 41-60 points, or green, representing 61-80 points.

A total of 10 Green Heart Canisters can be equipped, increasing the maximum health of the player by 20 points (10 hearts). When equipped along with 10 Red Heart Canisters and 10 Yellow Heart Canisters, increases the maximum health by 60 points (30 hearts), for a total maximum health of 80 points (40 hearts).