Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun


The Gravity Gun is a tool from the GraviGun mod. This tool is used to pick up and move blocks/creatures in the Minecraft world. Being struck by lightning while wielding this item will turn it into a Supercharged Gravity Gun.



Use the tool on a block or creature with the set use key to grab it. Using it again will place it where it appears (note that, if enabled, the block may fall, like sand). "Punching" with it while holding a block will launch it in the direction you are facing. You can "punch" entities with the Gravity Gun to launch them, though, it does not work with blocks.


  • Creepers Flung with the supercharged gravity gun will explode upon contact with a solid surface, if enabled in the configuration file.
  • Picking up a block with the gravity gun and placing it atop a torch will cause it to function similarly to a pickaxe with silk touch (fixed as of 1.5.2).

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