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EU storage10,000,000 EU

The GraviChestPlate is the upgraded version of the QuantumSuit Bodyarmor from GraviSuite. It contains all specs of the QuantumSuit, and the added ability of creative mode flying. The Gravitation Engine must be turned on, by using the Gravi Fly key, in order to use creative mode flight. The Gravitation Engine drains power constantly while it's on. The GraviChestPlate can hold up to 10,000,000 (10 million) Energy Units (EU), and must be charged in an MFE or better. The GraviChestPlate has an indicator (by default) in the top left corner indicating its engine state and its current energy storage percentage, which can be toggled with the Gravi Display Hud key.

Like the Ultimate Lappack, the GraviChestPlate will charge all EU consuming tools in the player's hotbar.



Enabling boost mode will allow the user to run significantly faster. This will use energy in the player's QuantumSuit Leggings and QuantumSuit Boots. Flying with boost mode enabled will cause the player fly at a much faster rate, but consume more EU.