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Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Herbology
A curious plant that holds whatever it is given. Mutate this plant from tall grass and an empty chest.
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The Grassper is a plant added by Witchery. This plant allows visual storage of a single item, like the Item Frame. The Grassper is used in various mutation recipes for other plants. Creation of the Grassper is slightly complicated, and four are created per mutation.

To create them, a Chest must be above a single block of Water, with a single tall Grass block on each direct side of the chest. Use a Mutating Sprig on the Chest. The Chest will disappear and the Grass will turn into Grasspers.

Grasspers can be used in Circle Magic as an alternative to dropping foci items in the circles. They can be used by placing the foci items in them, and then performing the Circle Magic. The rituals will function exactly the same as when foci items are dropped on the ground.