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Goblin Knight Stronghold
ModTwilight Forest

The Goblin Knight Stronghold is a structure from the Twilight Forest mod. These structures can be found in the Dark Forest biome within the Twilight Forest dimension. This is the only place to obtain Armor Shards used to create Knightly tools and armors. Goblin Knight Strongholds are the only places that Helmet Crabs, Goblin Knights, Block and Chain Goblins, and the Knight Phantom boss spawn; Creepers, Kobolds, Redcaps, Slime Beetles, and Redcap Sappers spawn in these dungeons as well. There are usually a few treasure chests in the hallways.

Goblin Knight Strongholds are built out of Underbrick, Cracked Underbrick, Mossy Underbrick, Stone Brick variations, and are surrounded in the Stronghold Shield. Stronghold Shields can only be broken from specific sides, making escaping or entering these Strongholds very difficult. The entrance can be a struggle to find, as there are many mock entrances that do not truly lead into the Stronghold. The real entrance is where a Latent Trophy Pedestal is. Activating this pedestal by placing a Hydra Trophy will allow the player to enter the stronghold.

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