Giant Sequoia

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Giant Sequoia
Latin Name Sequoia giganteum Fruit Family Prunes Pictogram voting oppose.png
Discovered by Sengir Fruit Family Pomes Pictogram voting oppose.png
Added by Mod Forestry Fruit Family Jungle Pictogram voting oppose.png
Branch Sequoia Branch Fruit Family Nuts Pictogram voting oppose.png
Description No Description Provided.

Default Attributes

Saplings Lower Sappiness Lowest
Matures Slowest Effect None
Height Gigantic Growth Light
Girth 4x4 Tolerates  
Yield Lowest Fruits None

Special Notes

There are no known mutations that can produce a Giant Sequoia, but it is possible to find Villagers that sell Giant Sequoia pollen. When the pollen is used on the leaf blocks of a Coast Sequoia tree, then those pollinated leaf blocks broken with a Grafter, there is a chance of getting a Giant Sequoia sapling. Sixteen saplings are required to grow a tree.

This method produces Giant Sequoia saplings which may have genetic traits for the Coast Sequoia tree. It is recommended to analyse all Giant Sequoia saplings and pick the most desirable one. When placing the 4x4 sapling to grow the tree, using bonemeal only on the chosen sapling will cause the tree to grow with that genetic template. This means that all saplings harvested from the tree will have the desired traits.

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