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Ghast Trap

ModTwilight Forest
TypeSolid block

The Ghast Trap is a block from the Twilight Forest mod. This block is used to turn the lives of Carminite Ghastlings into a weapon against the Ur-ghast, other Carminite Ghastlings, or Carminite Ghastguards. These can be found at the top of the Dark Tower. When a Ghastling is killed, a red beam will flow from the Ghastling to the Ghast Trap, and musical notes will begin to play. When the Ghast Trap is ready to be activated, it will smoke heavily and the musical notes will be very loud. Activate it using a redstone pulse or signal, and it will shoot a red beam into the air, and emit a loud screeching sound. This can critically damage the Ur-ghast, but will not kill it. It can, however, kill a Carminite Ghastguard and a Carminite Ghastling. Note that it can not damage any other monsters.