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This guide is adapted from Advanced Rocketry's official Getting to Space guide.

Reaching space is an essential part of progressing through Advanced Rocketry, as nearly all advanced features of the mod require either launching rockets or having launched at least one.

This guide will guide you until you can launch a rocket and safely land on Luna.


Nearly all machines in Advanced Rocketry require metal plates in some of their crafting recipes. These can be made using the
Small Plate Presser.

Place it one block above a block of
Obsidian, put the input you want to process between the two and give the Presser a redstone pulse in order to craft. This allows crushing one metal ore into two dusts, and can turn a block of metal into 4 corresponding plates.

You can also craft an
Holo-Projector, which greatly simplifies building the various multiblocks that the mod requires.

Electric Arc Furnace

The first Redstone Flux powered machine to be crafted is the
Electric Arc Furnace. It also requires a 5x5x5 multiblock alongside it, which can be seen in its wiki page or with the

This allows you to craft Steel, Silicon Ingots and obtain useable Titanium ingots, all of which are required for further crafts.

Processing machines

Several processing machines are required for further crafts, more specifically
Basic and
Advanced Circuit. Although they can be built in any order, some of them can greatly reduce the cost of several often used components.

Those machines are:

  • Precision Assembler, which greatly reduces the cost of components like
    Control Circuit Boards

  • Rolling Machine, which greatly reduces the cost of metal plates and is required to make
    Pressure Tanks

  • Lathe, which reduces the cost of metal rods (optional)

  • Cutting Machine, which cuts wood more efficiently

  • Crystallizer, which is used to craft
    Silicon Boules

In order to make
Basic or
Advanced Circuits, the complete crafting chain is:

Making Rocket Fuel

Now that you have access to
Basic Circuits, you can now craft the required machines to make Rocket Fuel, which is required to launch the rocket. Make an
Electrolyser and a
Chemical Reactor.

The former turns Water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, the latter can either enchant armor with Airtight Seal or turn both of those gases into useable Rocket Fuel. You will also need a bit of Oxygen on the side in order to breath on Luna.

Space Suit

There are two ways of making a space suit:

  • Crafting one (
    Space Helmet,
    Space Suit Chest-Piece,
    Space Suit Legging and
    Space Boots).
  • Enchanting a set of armor with Airtight Seal in the
    Chemical Reactor to substitute it.

It is possible to mix both methods and have part space suit and part enchanted armor.

Several modules can be inserted into space suit armor pieces in a
Suit Workstation. Up to two
Pressure Tanks of any kind can be inserted in the
Space Suit Chest-Piece, which is required in order to insert Oxygen in it.

Once an enchanted chestplate is made or tanks are inserted in the space suit chestplate, it can then be filled with Oxygen. To do so, craft a
Gas Charge Pad, fill it with Oxygen and stand on it while wearing the armor piece.

Building and launching the Rocket

The last step is now to build the rocket. Make a
Rocket Assembling Machine, place a rectangle of
Launch Pads (3x3 to 16x16) one block lower so that the machine is right on the outside, then a tower of
Structure Towers on the outside, starting at the same height as the Launch Pads and between 4 and 64 blocks high. Check the Rocket Assembling Machine's UI to see if the final structure is valid, then plug it with Redstone Flux.

You can now build your Rocket. It can be made out of any block but requires the following to be useful:

Use the Scan function of the Rocket Assembly Machine to see the stats of your Rocket at the cost of a bit of RF. Both Acceleration and Fuel need to be beyond the white bar in the middle to be enough. Acceleration can be increased by adding engines or removing blocks, Fuel can be increased by adding more Tanks.

Once your Rocket is finished, press Build on the Rocket Assembly Machine to create your Rocket. Right click it to climb in; sneaking and right clicking it to access its settings (select destination and dissasemble the rocket) and inventory

Before launching, you need to fuel your Rocket and to craft a
Planet Id Chip. To do so, craft a
Fueling station and a
Linker. Place the Fueling Station near your Rocket Assembling Machine, plug it with RF and your Rocket Fuel production, then link the Fueling Station to the Rocket Assembly Machine. If done correctly, the Rocket will start filling up with Rocket Fuel.

Lastly, place the Planet Id Chip in the Guidance Computer, then in your Rocket's UI press Choose Destination and select Luna. Equip your Space Suit and when the rocket is fully loaded with fuel, press space and the Rocket will fly to space.

To return, simply board your Rocket again and press space again.