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What is Witchery?

Witchery is a very large mod that implements forms of witchcraft into the Minecraft world. It even adds its own power system, which, unlike technological mods, is not a conventional power system. This power system comes in multiple flavors; Altar power, Infusion power, and vampire blood. Altar power is used to perform rites, and use machines. Infusion power comes from Altar power, and is used by players who have infused themselves with a superpower. Altar power comes from nature, and objects that are placed on top of an Altar. Infusion power comes directly from the Altar, and transfers it from the machine to the player.

What mods will work with Witchery?

  • Mods that add liquid transport systems, such as Thaumcraft 4 and BuildCraft are useful for Witchery. Witchery allows for other mods to automate certain tasks, such as filling the Kettle with water.
  • Biome mods also work well with Witchery, as they tend to have compatibility with the biome-related magic within the mod.

What should I have before I begin?

Common Resources

Rarer Resources

  • You should have basic resources from a standard mining expedition down to the lower levels of a cave. The main materials that are needed to start in Witchery, which you will obtain from mining, are Iron and Diamonds.
  • The main goal should be obtaining Eggs and Oak Saplings, as they are required to get the first useful item.
  • You may also want to grab some of the Witchery plants, such as Mandrakes, which you can obtain by bashing tall grass.
  • Coal is only necessary for solid fuel; if you would like to use another fuel, go ahead.

Getting started

To start, you will need to create a Witches Oven. The Witches Oven is used to create the various Fumes from Witchery, which are very necessary in the future. The main fume that is needed is the Exhale of the Horned One, because it is used in creating Mutandis.

After you have this machine, plop it down and feed it some Oak Saplings and fuel. Don't forget to add your Clay Jars to capture the fumes. This is for the Exhale of the Horned One, which, as stated, is used in creating Mutandis. So, create your fume, and while it is cooking you may want to begin gathering Eggs and Mandrake Roots if you have not already done so.

Once you have a fair amount of the fume, Eggs, and Mandrake Roots, you will notice that you also have a lot of Wood Ash. You will want to keep this, as it is very useful later on in the mod.

Now you will want to create a Witch's Cauldron. This machine is used for making many components, tools, and brews from Witchery. You will first have to create Anointing Paste, which is made by shapelessly crafting Snowbell, Belladonna, Mandrake, and Water Artichoke seeds. Use this paste on a Vanilla Cauldron and a Witch's Cauldron will be dropped. This machine requires a heat source of fire underneath it, so netherrack may be useful to obtain.

Create a bunch of Mutandis. Mutandis is used in mutating plants into other plants, which would not normally be available.

Required Altar Power: 0

You will now want to use Mutandis on a non-staged plant to morph it into another plant. The main plant you would like right now is the Rowan Sapling, but it might be a good idea to get the Hawthorn and Alder Saplings while you have this large stock of Mutandis. Other Witchery plants such as Glint Weeds and Spanish Moss may be a good idea to grab too, but they are not necessary for this guide.

Now that you have Rowan Saplings, it's time to grow them. They are about as large as Oak Trees, and can be grown on any grass block. They can also be grown quicker with Bone Meal, assuming you still have some from the Mutandis creation. You will need at least 4 Rowan Wood blocks, but it might be smart to get as much as possible. I recommend keeping at least one of each sapling type at all times, because making Mutandis can become a boring and tedious task.

There are now two new fumes that you will need to get the main machine from the mod: the Exhale of the Horned One, and the Breath of the Goddess. You will need at least two of each.

Once you have these, grab a couple Glass Bottles and eight Stone Bricks. Fill the Glass Bottles with water and be prepared to create a multiblock structure. You will need to craft the Altar out of the various blocks and items you have created thus far.

You will need 6 Altar blocks to make the Altar. Place all 6 blocks in a 2x3 pattern where you would like the center point of your magical power to be. This can also be where you will perform your rituals, but you can also simply make two Altars.

From here you can choose to take various different paths. These paths include brewery, circle magic, voodoo, conjurations, dream weavers, infusions, vampirism, and lycanthropy. Throughout the rest of the guide you may see unknown fumes and items. To view how to create these items, simply click on them to view their according article.

Please view the Witchery guide list for information on all of the various types of witchcraft.

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