Getting Started (Steamcraft2)

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Creating a Steam Boiler

The first aim when beginning with Steamcraft2 is to create a Combustion Boiler.

  • The first step in achieving this goal is to go looking for some of the four new metal ores in this mod. For brass, which you will need for the steam boiler, you need to find copper and zinc. Don't smelt these ores yet!
  • Next, you must craft a Cast Iron Hammer. You need to create the cast iron needed to make the hammer: Smelting a iron block will give you a block of cast iron.
  • Then, put the hammer in a crafting grid with the ore blocks to create powdered ore.
  • Combine the two Copper powder, and one Zinc powder in a crafting grid to create Brass powder.
  • Smelt this powder in a furnace to get Brass ingots.
  • Craft these ingots with a hammer to get Brass sheets.
  • You now have the necessary materials to craft a Combustion Boiler
  • Now for the matter of getting steam out of the boiler. You can use a Steam Canister, in the slot with the ghost image of a canister, and it will fill up with steam and drain the boiler's internal tank. The canister can hold 10 buckets of steam.

Uses of Steam

You may be wondering how to use this fancy new steam canister you just filled up. There are currently two types of items that utilise steam canisters: The Steam tools, and (some of) the modes of flight available to you in this mod:

  • Lets start with the tools. Each of the tools consumes steam from canisters in your inventory to perform the relevant action. Another type of tool which consumes steam is Drills.
  • The other main items that utilise steam are the Steam-Powered Jetpack and Steam-Driven Wingpack.

Additionally, and more importantly, steam can be piped using Copper Pipes into a Steam Turbine to create RF power.