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First Steps

First, break the tree logs, leave the bottom one and don’t touch the leaves yet. This will keep the leaves alive while you turn all of your logs into planks, make 4 sticks, and a item called a crook. Use the rest of your wood for a crafting table and a wood platform. Next, carefully use the crook and hope for a sapling and maybe even a silk worm (later in game). Remember, no sapling, no game. After you get the sapling, replant the tree, harvest, grow platform, get sapling, repeat. After you have around 20 extra saplings on you, you will want to craft a barrel. Do so by putting a platform in the bottom middle, and surround by wood on the sides. Boom, Barrel! Make around 3.

Once you have placed down the barrel, place 8-9 saplings in the barrel, which will compress to create a dirt block, a very valuable item in sky factory, early game wise. Once you have the dirt, you have 2 options. The first is to use it for another tree, or save it later.

Silk Worms

Keep farming trees as instructed until you come across a silk worm (if you haven’t already). Once you have one of those, grow a tree. After you have this, plant another tree, but do not destroy it (yet). Right click the silk worm in some leaves, and let it infest the entire tree (takes about 100 seconds, have patience).

After all of the tree leaves are 100% infested (white), break all of the leaves with a crook to get some string. Once you have the string, fill a crafting table with string to make some sort of net. Make 2.

After you have the nets, craft a sieve.

Cobblestone, Gravel, Sand and Ore

Now that you have your sieve, get some more dirt (around 5-6), I know this is a crazy long process, but it’s all worth it.

After your grind, hold the dirt and hold down right click to sieve the dirt, then you get some stones, and maybe even some seeds!

With the stone, open your inventory crafting and fill it with stones, to make a cobblestone block. Repeat this process a few times (I’m sorry, it must be done). Once you have around 5-6 stones (15-18 dirt), place then down in a wide open space in your base, but keep 2 on you for some crafting.

Now it’s time to craft again! Make a hammer, this will allow you to make gravel. Go back to your precious little stones, because it’s time for them to die. Use your hammer to break all of stones into gravel, then gravel into sand, then sand into DUST. Key item for water (found in “Extra Help”).

Make some more stones and turn them into more gravel (it just gets worse, guys). Sieve the gravel, allowing you to get broken ore, rare minerals, and much, much more!

Now that you have access to all of these things, you are on your own now! Believe me, your’e ready. For additional help, go to the Extra Help section.

Extra Help


Place a barrel out in the open, no roof over it, literally nothing. Wait for it to rain, and let if fill up with water. Take some dust, and right click it in a barrel full of water. Boom, clay! After you have the clay, crush it down into little clay blobs, put them in a bucket formation in a crafting table, then you have a unforced clay bucket. Smelt it in a furnace, then you have a bucket! Nice! Wait for it to rain again in a barrel, then collect the water. I advise making a I donate water source. Now you have unlimited water!

Help! I’m Starving!

Farm! No? Ok, well I guess you can try meat poll-ing, then. Use three wood platforms all in middle, to make a dying rack. Place them on blocks (make polls to make them look better), then use some rotten flesh you got from your mob farm (below), then let it dry. Boom! Good food source!

Mob Farm

First of all, make sure it’s at least 25-30 blocks away from you base. Then, make some wood spikes with swords and blocks, in a triangle format. Build out 25-30 blocks from spawn then build up around 7-12 blocks high in a 4x4-6x6 block format. Leave it dark, so mobs may spawn. Leave a open space for grabbing their items.