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This page was originally created by VikeStep. Other contributors can be found on the credits page.

RedPower Getting Started Guide

Why you would want to use RedPower

  • Cheaper and more accessible versions of a diamond pickaxe
  • Quicker Cultivation of Crops
  • Cut objects into smaller shapes
  • Hide your piping inside the wall (literally)
  • Automatically send items out of chests without engines
  • Make a Sorting/Filter System to your items
  • Make complex redstone contraptions with much more ease
  • Let redstone paths cross over each other
  • If you want a large supply of lava from a volcano (for geothermal generator)
  • Decorative Blocks such as Basalt, Marble, Lamps and Gem Blocks


What you will need:

  • Iron Pickaxe or Higher
  • A mine or cavern to explore

RedPower 2 introduces three new ores into Feed the Beast: Sapphire, Ruby and Green Sapphire (formerly known as emerald). These gems can be found under level 64 (Y=64) and when mined do not need to be put in the furnace, as they will drop the gems themselves, rather than an ore block. The ores can be mined with an iron pickaxe or higher and can be used to make a regular set of tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, sword and hoe). Each of these have the same speed as a diamond tool but have 500 uses instead of 1560 uses. Gem pickaxes can also not mine obsidian. RedPower 2 emeralds (now known as Green Sapphires) can’t be used to trade with villagers.


What you will need:

  • 1 stick and 3 wood

Sickles are tools used to harvest crops and break leaves with much more ease, they can harvest crops and leaves in a 5x5 area. It will also only harvest in the layer clicked on so clicking on the second layer of a sugar cane will not remove the bottom layer but remove all the layers above it.


  • 3 sticks and 4 iron

Handsaws can be used to cut blocks into smaller shapes. To use it, craft the handsaw and grab a block of dirt.

Now place the Handsaw in the crafting table and place the dirt block in the square below it, you will see that you have got 2 dirt slabs. Also you will notice that the handsaw has gained some damage. Try and place these slabs in the world and a white box will appear over where you are trying to place it, you can place it vertically or horizontally and on any corner of any block. Go back to the crafting table and put the handsaw in the middle square and the slab you made underneath it, you have now made a panel, you can then put the panel underneath the handsaw to make a cover. Try placing these panels and covers in the world and you will see that they can be placed on top of each other to make more intricate shapes. These shapes can also be made in a crafting table. In the table place the cover and the panel next to each other and you make a triple panel. When placing the handsaw above the block it will cut it vertically, if you place the handsaw to the left of the block it will cut it horizontally. Have a try cutting a block from different sides and placing them together. There are 34 different ways to shape the block including hollow blocks which are crafted by placing 8 of the same cutting (e.g. slab or cover) in a ring on the crafting table, wiring and tubes can go in the middle so they can be hidden inside a wall. Cabling/wires from other mods and vanilla cannot go through these blocks.

Moving Items from Chests

What you will need:

  • 8 Bricks
  • 2 Glass, 3 Copper and 1 Tin
  • 5 cobblestone, 2 wooden planks, a piston, 8 redstone, 6 Stone, 2 Redstone Torches
  • Chest containing some items, 2 empty chests, some fuel
  • 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Stick

First you will need to craft an Alloy Furnace, this is simply 8 Bricks in a ring shape on the crafting table.

The Alloy furnace combines metals and dusts to make other ingots and items. Inside the alloy furnace, place some fuel (e.g. coal) and in the inventory of the alloy furnace place 3 Copper and 1 Tin, after some time you will have made 8 Brass ingots. Take these out and in the crafting table place 1 glass in the centre and 2 brass ingots on both side of the glass to make some pneumatic tubes.

Pneumatic tubes are the piping system used in RedPower if an item is in a pipe it will search for the closest inventory in the system and go straight there if the closest inventory is full then it searches for another. If there is no inventory to go to then it won’t send any items. Items can be sent into Pipes with Transposers, Transposers will take items from its back slot whether it is in a chest or whether it is on the ground this is good if you have a mob trap and you want to collect the items that you got from them falling. Use the following recipe to make a transposer.


First you will want to place a chest down, make sure it is filled with items, and place the transposer to the side of it. On the opposite side of the transposer, place a path of pneumatic tubes and place a chest at the end (you can also place a second chest incase the first is full). This is what is should look like this (see left). But there seems to be a problem, the transposer is not connected to the pneumatic tube. The reason for this is because the transposer is facing the wrong way. To fix this, you need to craft a screwdriver which is an iron ingot and a stick.

To turn the transposer around you need to repeatedly right-click it with a screwdriver until it is facing properly. It is facing properly when the circle shape is facing the output.

But there is another problem now, it isn’t actually sending the items. This is because some RedPower 2 machines activate on a redstone signal. Every time the transposer receives a redstone pulse it will take items from the chest, this also means that if you want it to continuously receive a redstone pulse, it needs to have something to make the redstone turn on and off again, this is called a timer.


The Timer will send one redstone pulse in 3 directions every time a certain interval has passed. Place the Timer down in front of the transposer and right-click it. When the GUI is shown, click on the left-most option (-10s). This will now send a redstone pulse every 0.2 seconds. Depending on where you placed the timer it may not be sending the pulse, this is because one side is an input only rather than an output, the input side is the one opposite the mini redstone torch on the timer. To turn it around, you can simply use your screwdriver.


What you will need:

Firstly you will need to make 2 Filters


This machine will automatically smelt any ores (or other items chosen) that go into the chest without sending items that can’t be smelted. In this example the items will be the following ores: Iron, Silver*2 (2 types), Gold, Copper*2 (2 types), Tin*2 (2 Types), Aluminium, Cinnabar, Monazit, Ferrous and Lead. To start place down a double chest, then place 2 filters behind it with the hole on the filter facing outwards (side by side) then behind the filters place a pneumatic tube each. You will want these tubes to not touch so you can place a block cover between them so they don’t touch each other. Underneath the pneumatic tubes you will place the furnaces. Your setup should look something like this.


Next you have to place 2 transposers behind the furnaces and 2 pneumatic tubes behind the transposers. Now you can create a path from those tubes back to the original chest (make sure it doesn’t touch any filters or furnaces) it should now look like this.


The purpose of the filter is to only let certain items out of an inventory in this case we only want ores to come out of the chest. You will now want to put the items in the filters, to do this, right-click the filter and place the items inside. You will want to have an equal amount of items in each filter so that it may work faster. Once this is done you will need to put some fuel in the furnaces, this will have to be done regularly if you have coal since it may run out often, but a good fuel option is lava cells since they can stack and last much longer. When this is done the last step is to power the filters. On each side of the filter/transposer place a timer, for the transposers you must dig a hole beside it to place the timer as it will not power it from above it. Once this is done you should be able to add your ores to the chest and watch as they are sucked out and returned to the original chest. You must note that it will only take 2 ores out of the chest at once, one will be on the input and one will stay in the filter ready to add, as soon as one is smelted the next one is added to the filter. This setup is great if you have a chest that collects everything from a quarry and you would have to normally grab all the ores to smelt them. It is also recommended that you upgrade the furnaces and/or add a macerator/ pulveriser into the process since a better furnace could smelt two things at once and a macerator can double the items received from one ore.


What you will need:

A Sorting Machine is a filter but with 40 slots and the ability to tag an item with a colour. You can paint tubes with different colours and if an item has that colour it will go through that tube, however only items tagged with that colour can go through that tube. Items not tagged with any colour will only go through uncoloured tubes.

What you need to make is a Sorting Machine, 2 Solar Panels, 12 Blue Alloy Wires and 8 different Paint Brushes.


For the purpose of this tutorial, the items being sorted will be dyes, wool, paint, lumar and paintbrushes of each different colour. Before we start making this sorting system I should mention that the Sorting Machine does not only run off of redstone but also requires RedPower's form of electricity called Blutricity. It is easiest to make a Solar Panel for the purposes of this tutorial.

Firstly place your sorting machine down and place a blue alloy wire next to it making sure it is on a side with the red and blue colours since the other sides are an inputs and output. Then place your solar panels on both sides of that blue alloy wire. However, the blue alloy wire is not required, as RedPower 2 Bluctric machines will transfer power between themselves, allowing you to place both solar panels directly next to the sorting machine. Left-click the sorting machine and you should see a very interesting (and possibly confusing) interface, you should also notice a bar on the side that is filling up, this is the battery and the solar panels are charging it, when the battery is full enough the sorting machine is powered and ready to be used. As long as the power is connected it should always remain on the same charge unless it is using more power than it is giving. In the sorting machine you will see 8 columns, at the bottom of these columns you should also see a little box, click it. The box has changed colours. What this means is that any item that is in that column will be tagged with that colour. So give each column a colour (the colours on the paintbrushes you have made) and place 5 items in each column that you want to be separated into different chests. Once you have done this make a straight tube 8 blocks long coming out of the output of the sorting machine (circle on the side). Then place a pneumatic tube on both sides of the tube every second block (starting from the first tube). Then, using your paintbrushes, paint each tube (that is on the side of the main one) a different colour.

Your next step is to add a chest on the end of each coloured pipe and behind the input of the sorting machine. Now fill the chest with all the items that you have chosen to be sorted and place a timer next to the sorting machine (make sure it is the right way) and it should be automatically sorting. Your setup should look something like the picture on the left.

RedPower Wiring Password Door

What you will need:

  • Screwdriver, 3 levers, 1 iron door, 3 of any block (preferably block of house) and 4 covers of the same type
  • 48 redstone and 12 iron or copper
  • 24 wool (12 of one colour, 6 of another and 6 of another), 12 string
  • 6 stone wafers, 5 stone anodes, 2 stone wires and 5 stone cathodes

RedPower 2 has added Red Alloy Wire which is a better version of redstone. In addition to being able to transmit redstone signals, it can go up the sides of walls and ceilings and it can travel 255 blocks before running out of power instead of the 15 blocks in normal redstone. Another addition is the ability to insulate the wires into different colours so that they don’t connect to each other and to bundle insulated wires together so that different insulated wires can travel in the same block. An insulated wire of a certain colour can only come out of a bundled cable on the same coloured insulated wire and if it goes in powered by redstone it will come out powered by redstone not affecting the other wires in the bundled cable.

To start off making this you need to craft the following items: 12 Red Alloy Wires, 48 Insulated Wires (24 of one colour, 12 of another and 12 of another), 6 Bundled Cables (Using 15 of the insulated wire you made 24 of), a NOT Gate and an AND Gate.


Firstly, place 3 of your building block in a row side-by-side and place a lever on each of them. Then on top of each block place a red alloy wire and separate them using 2 of your covers. Next, go behind the blocks and place 3 different insulated wires on the back. Then place the same wire on the floor in front of it. Your setup should look something like this.


You next step will use the NOT Gate, what this does is check if all of the inputs are off. If the inputs are off then it will send a redstone signal through the output. If any of the inputs are on then it won’t send a signal. This will make it so the lever has to be off to turn the signal on, and the other levers have to be on to make the power go on. So on the middle insulated wire place a NOT gate in front of it, then on the other two, place the same coloured insulated wire. You will also need to place a cover on either side of the NOT Gate so that the other sides do not connect to it. You may need to use a screwdriver on this gate to make the output facing away from the lever. This direction will be where there is no redstone signal sent to the initial wire.


Next place your 3 wires in the same order as last time in front of the NOT gate and 2 other wires. You can now grab your bundled cables. Place 3 of these in front of your wires and then 3 more to the right side of it (facing the same angle as the above picture) going straight. Next place three other wires (same order as before) behind the 3 bundled cables that are on the right side. It should now look like the following.


Next place your AND Gate behind the middle cable on the right side. The AND gate has 3 inputs and when all 3 inputs are on, it will send an output. As soon as it loses an input the output turns off. Then place the other 2 wires beside it. Make sure the AND Gate is the right way around. The output should have a red line running across the whole of its side with a torch in front of it while the inputs have a red line from the centre of the side to the centre of the gate. You last step is to use red alloy wire (uninsulated) and connect it to an iron door (see left). Go to your levers and toggle the left and right lever to be on and keep the middle off. Your Iron door should now be open. As soon as you toggle a lever the door shuts. Now you can cover this contraption up with your block of choice. You can use covers to hide the red alloy wire without breaking it. However make sure that you do not separate the wiring while doing this.

What else is there?

You can:

  • make block breakers which can break anything excluding items that aren’t meant to be broken (e.g. Bedrock)
  • make deployers which simulate right clicking a square with the item in its inventory (so you can add bonemeal into a deployer and target it at some grass with a sapling on it to make the tree grow)
  • make many more gates (e.g. OR, RS Latches, XOR and XNOR) if you understand how they work
  • make a computer and if you know a programming language called FORTH, you can program it, a bit like ComputerCraft and its programming language called Lua.

The coolest thing that this mod adds is volcanos. It is made out of basalt and has a lava stream going up through the center from a lava pit out to the top to spew over the whole volcano. This is a good place to get a large supply of lava (if you are making a thermopile or geothermal generator) and you can make basalt bricks from the basalt which makes a cool decorative block for your house. All you have left now is to explore…

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