Getting Started (Draconic Evolution)

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This is a guide for getting started in Draconic Evolution. It has the main steps of going down the tree with Draconic Evolution.

Resources needed

This is a list of the materials that you will need to progress through Draconic Evolution. Also, you should have access to the End to get Draconium Dust efficiently; it is recommended to kill the Ender Dragon for its dust and heart.

  1. A Wither farm, because the mod needs Nether Stars in order to create draconic cores, and later Wyvern Cores.
  2. About 176 Gold Ingots, 43 Diamonds, and more than 3 stacks of Draconium Ingots in order to get a full Wyvern set along with Wyvern tools, an Energy Infuser, and a Draconic Chest.

Getting the basic items

It is recommended to get a Draconic Evolution Information Tablet as an in-game info tablet. Then it is recommended to get a Draconic Chest as a multipurpose storage unit. The next step is to craft Wyvern gear in preparation to draconic gear. These are extremely powerful compared to diamond, they provide shields, fast mining, and high damage.

Upgrading to Draconic

If you have already killed the dragon, you should have a Dragon Heart which you can use in order to get Awakened Draconium Blocks using draconic cores, an explosion, and charged draconium blocks. You will need approximately six hearts to upgrade to full draconium. Then, use the Resurrection Stone in the Ritual of Draconic Resurrection to gain the other hearts for the draconic tools/armor. For maximum potential, you should craft an Upgrade Modifier in order to maximize their tools and armor. Upgrading to maximum requires a lot more nether stars, draconium, gold, diamonds, and awakened draconium. Upgrading uses cores; awakened cores are the most effective

The Chaos Shard

If you wish to progress further/need more energy, find a Chaos Island located at each 10k block interval from the main island of the end, this includes corners. Next, kill the Chaos Guardian to obtain two Dragon Hearts that will be useful later on. The two hearts are used to create more awakened draconium. Now, you can get some Chaos Shards by breaking the Chaos Crystal in the center of the Island. Note that this will de-stabalize the island, causing a massive explosion. Then you can now create a draconic reactor (See Draconic Evolution Reactor Guide), which can generate a lot of power at a cost. Be warned, if you aren't careful, it will explode, decimating everything in a radius. With this power generation, you will need to store the power generated, and that's where the energy storage system comes in.