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Deep Resonance is a mod centered on the production and enhancement of Resonating Crystals in order to generate massive amounts of Redstone Flux.

This guide will guide you until you can create your own crystals and do the first step of refinement.

Finding crystals and Resonating Ore

In order to make your crystals and make use of them, you first need to find a good amount of
Resonating Ore underground. While doing so you may also stumble upon natural
Resonating Crystals, it is highly recommended to harvest them as they can be a nice boost of power before proper crystal generation can be set up while also alleviating the cost of using the
Infusing Laser later on.

It can also be useful to craft the
Deep Resonance Manual for any information in game.

Extracting power out of crystals

If you do not plan on using natural
Resonating Crystals, you can delay this part until you have your own crystals.

In order to extract power from crystals, you will need 3 blocks:

Place the
Generator Controller down, place the
Generator right next to it then place the
Energy Collector on top of the latter. Finally, place the
Resonating Crystals you wish to use near the generator and power the
Generator Controller with redstone. You can then extract Redstone Flux from the

You may place additional
Generators in the structure to increase how many
Resonating Crystals can be used at once. Each
Generator can handle 2 crystals or 10 000 RF/t.

Once the crystals are depleted, they will turn white and can be harvested and stored for later use with the
Infusing Laser. The generator needs to be turned off and on again in order to use new crystals, unless a
Pedestal is used.

Making RCL

Deep Resonance adds
Tanks that are used by all machines to access and output fluid of any kind. Each can hold 16 buckets of any fluid, retains its content when broken and automatically connects to other adjacent tanks, forming one big tank. Right click its side to configure input/output mode to let fluid transportation access them.

The first step to make your own, enhanced
Resonating Crystals is the
Smelter. It needs to be placed above a
Tank filled with
Lava, below another
Tank used as output, and powered with Redstone Flux.

The lava tank needs to be filled between 40% and 60% in order to get optimal results. This can be monitored using a
Redstone Comparator. The
Smelter can then be used to melt
Resonating Ore into
Resonating Crystal Liquid, output to the
Tank above. 30
Resonating Ores worth of fluid is required to make a full
Resonating Crystal.

Purifying RCL

Smelter, assuming lava was correctly monitored, produces
Resonating Crystal Liquid at 100% Quality and 10% Strength, Efficiency and Purity.

  • Quality determines how much can the other stats be increased and can not be modified after creation.
  • Strength affects the total amount of Redstone Flux the crystal will have.
  • Effiency affects how fast can the Redstone Flux be extracted.
  • Purity affects both and also reduces the produced radiation.

Purity can easily be increased by the help of the

Place it either above or below a
Tank containing
Resonating Crystal Liquid, fill it with
Filter Material and place an inventory (such as a
Chest) adjacent to it. It will slowly consume the
Filter Material to increase the Purity of the
Resonating Crystal Liquid, up to 85%, and output
Spent Filter Material to the adjacent inventory. You can use the latter to craft
Dense Glass or
Dense Obsidian.

If the
Purifier is only above or below a
Tank, it will output the purified fluid to the same tank, mixing it with the non purified one. This makes it easy to purify the same fluid multiple time until it reaches the maximum, but due to how it mixes back it will take a while to get the last percentages to reach 85%. On the other hand, putting a
Tank both above and below causes the fluid to be extracted from the top one and output to the bottom one once purified.

Laslty, to detect when the fluid is ready, a
Valve can be used.

Place a
Tank above and another below it. When the
Resonating Crystal Liquid contained in the top tank reaches the chosen attributes, it will get send to the tank below. This allows you to detect when the purifying is complete to move on to the next step with the best fluid you can.

Making the Crystal

The last step is to turn the
Resonating Crystal Liquid into useable
Resonating Crystals. To do so you need a

Place it above a
Tank of
Resonating Crystal Liquid and it will consume it alongside Redstone Flux to slowly make the crystal.