Getting Started (Chickens)

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Basic Chickens

In the overworld, you can find log, sand, flint, and bone chickens.

Some chickens in a roost.

In the nether, soul sand and nether quartz chickens are present.

Colored chickens are crafted with dye and an egg. To craft, place an egg in the middle of the crafting table and place 8 dye pieces in a square around the egg.

Dye Source Chicken
Red Red flower Red
Blue Lapis Blue
Yellow Yellow flower Yellow
Green Cactus Green
Orange Red & Yellow dye Orange
Purple Red & Blue dye Purple
Black Black Inc. Black
White Bonemeal White

Starting with Chicken Breeding

Make a Chicken Catcher using Egg, Stick and Feather to be able to turn the chickens into "items", (you can cook them as items too!)

Pick a type of chicken

View all of the recipes (below) that chicken is a part of

Set up one pen for each recipe that chicken is a part of

Throw one the chosen chicken in each pen (either with net, lasso or eggs)

As you breed the mates that you need, place them into your breeding pens and have at it

Inbreed your chickens until they get sick stats (best is 10/10/10), they always start off at 1/1/1.

(optional) put your beauties on display! Have one of each in a hen house to keep track of which ones you already have

Advice: once you have 3 of any given chicken, put one of them in a holding pen (like the hatchery hen house or just a in a chest). This way you will always have a "backup" chicken. Continue breeding as much as you like.

Colored chickens

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Red White Pink
Blue Red Purple
Red Yellow Orange
Gray White Light Gray
Blue Green Cyan
Black White Gray
Green White Lime
White Blue Light Blue
Purple Pink Magenta
Red Green Brown

Material chickens

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Flint Log Coal
Flint White Iron
Flint Sand Gunpowder
Red Sand Redstone
Redstone Quartz Glass
Quartz Yellow Glowstone
Black Log String
Redstone Iron Conductive Iron

Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Iron Yellow Gold
Blue Log Snow
Snow Gunpowder Water
Coal Quartz Lava
Snow Sand Clay
Brown String Leather
Brown Glowstone Netherwart
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Gold Glass Diamond
Gold Lava Blaze
Clay Green Slime
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Blaze Slime Magma
Diamond Green Emerald
Blaze White Ghast
Diamond Netherwart Ender
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Emerald Green XP
Blue Water Prismarine Shard
Water Emerald Prismarine
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Copper Zinc Brass
Copper Tin Bronze
Iron Nickel Invar
Copper Nickel Cupronickle
Silver Gold Electrum
Coal Iron Steel
Brown Yellow Copper
Iron Cyan Lead
Clay White Tin
Green White Nickel
White Iron Silver (Ore)
Silver Ore Nickel Platinum

'Modded' Chickens


Main article: Botania
Chicken1 Chicken 2 Chick
Iron Ghast Manasteel
Ender Prismarine Crystal Terrasteel
Manasteel Terrasteel Elementium

Draconic Evolution

Main article: Draconic Evolution
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Pig Iron Blood Draconium (if tinkers)
Gunpowder Ender Draconium (if no tinkers)
Draconium Ender Awakened Nugget


Main article: EnderIO
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Glowstone Ender Electrical Steel

Extreme Reactors

Main article: Getting Started (Chickens)
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Glowstone Ender Yellorium
Coal Black Graphite
Yellorium Sand Cyanite
Water Cyanite Blutonium

Immersive Engineering

Main article: Immersive Engineering
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Iron Flint Aluminium
Ender Redstone Uranium
Copper Nickel Constantan


Main article: Mekanism
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Iron Quartz Osmium

Tinker's Construct

Main article: Tinkers' Construct
Chicken 1 Chicken 2 Chick
Magma Blaze Ardite
Ghast Netherwart Cobalt
Iron Ardite Pig Iron
Ardite Cobalt Manyullyn
Pig Iron Manyullyn Knight Slime
Slime Red Blood Slime
Blood Slime Blue Purple Slime
Slime Magma Magma Slime
Slime Blue Blue Slime


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