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This page is about the Generator added by Progressive Automation. For other uses, see Generator.

ModProgressive Automation

Generators are a machine in Progressive Automation. They are used to generate Redstone Flux.


The GUI from the Generator


Like all Progressive Automation machines, Generators can consume any standard Furnace fuel, or Potatoes, to function. This fuel is converted into Redstone Flux, at a ratio of 1 Coal = 32,000 RF.

Generator Generation Rate (RF/t) RF Storage
Wooden 20 20,000
Stone 40 40,000
Iron 80 80,000
Diamond 160 160,000

The GUI of the Generator contains one fuel input slot, a fuel burn indicator, and an information display. When inactive, the display will show why the Generator is currently inactive. When active, the display will show that the Generator is active. Additionally, the display will show the RF currently stored in the Generator.

Generators will attempt to automatically output any items in their output slots into adjacent inventories. This behavior can be changed on a side-by-side basis with the PA Wrench to allow sides to accept new Fuel or Tools, allowing the Generator to potentially be completely automated.

Warning: Active Wooden and Stone Generators can cause nearby flammable blocks to catch fire.

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