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This page is about the Generator added by Deep Resonance. For other uses, see Generator.

ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textPart of a generator multi-block. You can place these in any configuration.
RF storage500,000 RF
Max RF output100,000 RF/t
RF production10,000 RF/t

The Generator is a machine added by Deep Resonance. It is used to extract Redstone Flux (RF) from Resonating Crystals.

To be used, it needs to be connected to one Generator Controller and have an Energy Collector placed on top of it. Other Generators can be placed adjacent to it to increase the RF buffer as well as the maximum amount of Crystals from which power is extracted at once. Each Generator can extract from up to 2 Resonating Crystals at once, and can handle up to 10,000 RF/t. Extra Generators don't have to be placed in any specific shape, and only one Generator Controller and Energy Collector are required per Generator structure.

When an active redstone signal is provided to the Generator Controller, the structure will extract power from Resonating Crystals near the Energy Collector until it's turned off or all power is depleted from the Crystals. The structure will not detect new Crystals until it's turned off and on again, or they are placed using a Pedestal.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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Generator Block

To generate power you need a generator multiblock. The basis of this block is the generator which you craft as follows:

A single block supports up to 2 crystals and maximum 10KRF/tick. If you need to handle more or more powerful crystals you will have to add blocks to your generator. A generator can be any shape. It doesn't have to be rectangular.
Deep Resonance Manual