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This page is about the Gelid Cryotheum from Thermal Foundation. For other uses, see Gelid Cryotheum.
Gelid Cryotheum

ModThermal Foundation
Heat (C)-223 ºC

Gelid Cryotheum is a liquid added by Thermal Foundation. It is made from Cryotheum Dust by melting it down in a Magma Crucible.

Gelid Cryotheum is used in few recipes in the related mod Thermal Expansion 4 and 5. In Thermal Expansion 5, it is mainly used as a fuel in the Reactant Dynamo for 400,000 RF per 100mB, using Pyrotheum Dusts as the solid reactant.


When placed in the world, any blocks within 2 blocks from the source block will be covered in snow. The source block will also gradually fall downwards to the lowest solid block whenever possible. Both properties can be switched off in the configuration file.

Certain blocks will be converted to another block when they are within 2 blocks from the source block:

  • Grass to Dirt
  • Water source block to Ice
  • Flowing water to Snow (Block)
  • Lava source block to Obsidian
  • Flowing lava to Stone
  • Energized Glowstone source block to Glowstone
  • Leaves', Tall grass and Fire to Air

Upon contact, Creepers and Zombies will be turned into Snow Golems; Blizzes and Snow Golems will be applied with Speed I and Regeneration I effect for 6 seconds; and Blazes will take 10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage per hit, while other mobs will take 2 (Heart.svg) damage per hit.