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Gasoline Engine

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The Gasoline Engine is a RotaryCraft engine. It generates Shaft Power from Ethanol Crystals or fluid Ethanol. It is the first RotaryCraft engine to actively consume fuel.



The Gasoline Engine is, as said above, the first RotaryCraft engine to actively require fuel to generate power. As the RotaryCraft Handbook says, "The Gasoline Engine, true to its name, runs on Ethanol." Ethanol can be inserted into an engine either as Ethanol Crystals or as fluid Ethanol. Each item of Ethanol Crystals will fill a Gasoline Engine with 100mB fluid Ethanol, and the Gasoline Engine consumes 10mB Ethanol every 6 seconds while running, so each item Ethanol Crystals will fuel a Gasoline Engine for 1 minute.

The Gasoline Engine produces 128 Nm Torque at 512 Rad/s Speed, for a total of 65.536kW Power, equal to four Steam Engines linked with Shaft Junctions, but substantially cheaper and more compact.

The Gasoline Engine can be upgraded by right-clicking it with a Performance Engine Upgrade. Doing so will transform the Gasoline Engine into a Performance Engine.