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Gas Turbine Controller
Block ADVG Gas Turbine Controller.png

ModAdvanced Generators
TypeSolid block

The Gas Turbine Controller is a machine added by Advanced Generators. It is used to build the Gas Turbine Generator multiblock, which generates Redstone Flux (or other types of power depending on the blocks used) from various fluids.


Gas Turbine Generator GUI

  • Fuel tank and power capacitor to the left.
  • Stats to the right (mouse over provides explanations).
  • Clicking wrench button allows output configuration.

Fuel consumption formula

Fuel Consumption (mB/tick) = Production (RF/tick) ÷ Fuel Energy Density (RF/mB) ÷ Efficiency Multiplier

  • Production is determined by requested energy, the system will not burn fuel when it has nowhere to store the energy.
  • Efficiency Multiplier is 110% by default, can be increased with Fuel/Air Mixer and Gas Mix Compressor.


Fuel Energy Density (RF/mB)
Ethylene 6000
Natural Gas (Magneticraft) 3000
Light Oil 2000
LPG 1800
Fuel, Heavy Oil 1500
Fire Water 1200
Rocket Fuel 1120
Kerosene 1100
Syngas, Liquifacted Coal 1000
Ethanol (Forestry), BioFuel (MineFactory Reloaded) 800
Diesel 700
Biodiesel (Immersive Engineering) 500
Toluene 284
Isoprene 276
Butene 272
Propane 268
Methacrylate 180
Allyl Alcohol 140
Ethanol (MineChem) 135
Biogas 128
Methyl 100
Methyl Alcohol, Methylene 68
Hydrogen(Mekanism) 43.24
Natural Gas (GasCraft), Natural Gas (Mariculture), Hydrogen (GasCraft) 30
Hydrogen (MineChem) 4
  • Additional (and custom) fuels will be denoted by fuel values showing in their tooltip.


The component blocks can be arranged in any configuration the player wishes as long as the blocks are adjacent to other components of the multiblock structure.



  • Up to 10
    Redstone Control Modules
  • Up to 5
    Machine Data Ports
  • Up to 6 Power Emitter Modules
  • Up to 1
    Fuel/Air Mixer
  • Up to 10
    Sensor Modules
  • Up to 10 Power Capacitors
  • Up to 5
    Fluid Intake Valves
  • Up to 1
    Gas Mix Compressor
  • Up to 10
    Fuel Tanks


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