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This page is about the Gas Turbine from RotaryCraft. For other uses, see Gas Turbine.
Gas Turbine


The Gas Turbine is an engine from RotaryCraft. It generates Shaft Power from Jet Fuel.



The Gas Turbine uses large amounts of Jet Fuel to produce 67.109 MW of shaft power. This is the highest amount of power achievable from a single engine in RotaryCraft alone. It produces this massive amount of power by generating 65.536 krad/s and 1.024 kNm of Torque.

There are two major issues when using the Gas Turbine. The first is the fact that it can kill the player (or other mobs) when operational by sucking said player into it, causing death and damage to the engine, and likely destroying any breakable armor the player happens to be wearing. The second concern is that it generates a lot of in-game noise. There are solutions to both of these problems, however: The noise problem is conveniently solved by placing 3 Wool blocks around the engine. One on the left, one on the top, and one on the right side. To prevent mobs from being sucked into the engine, it is recommended to place Iron Bars or similar around the engine's intake. (Note that a solid block will block the intake and prevent the engine from functioning.)

Should the Gas Turbine become damaged, its power output will be drastically reduced, though it can be repaired by right-clicking it with Turbines. Note that if the Gas Turbine is sufficiently damaged, it can catastrophically fail. This will cause its temperature to rise continuously until it reaches 1000°C. At that point, it will violently explode and convert nearby blocks into glass. This event can be triggered by three instances of mobs or players being sucked through the intake, or can be deliberately caused by dropping a Screwdriver into it.


The gas turbine can be upgraded with an Afterburner Upgrade which allows it to produce double its normal power output for a total of 65.536 krad/s and 2.048 kNm of Torque which gives a total power output of 134.218 MW. It is not recommended to leave the engine on afterburner mode for long periods of time due to the fact that it causes the engine to heat up and which will cause the engine to explode if it reaches a high enough temperature. Also be aware that when afterburner mode is activated, the engine shoots out flames from the rear which can set alight any flammable blocks in the immediate vicinity of the engine, and can also change Dirt into Glass among other things.