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Botania: Garden of Glass
Modicon Garden of Glass
Current developersVazkii
Supported Minecraft versions1.16.5
Depends onBotania r1.7-199
(or later)
SkyFactory 3
SkyFactory 2.5
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Project Ozone 3

Garden of Glass is an addon for Botania that enables Skyblock gameplay features in Botania. It is intended to allow Skyblock-type gameplay without relying on any other mods. It adds a skyblock world type, and also modifies Botania gameplay significantly to allow players to survive and thrive in a void world. It can be downloaded from the official Botania website.

The GardenOfGlass.jar file required to play this mode is actually just an empty mod, but its presence is detected by the base Botania mod which then enables the (built-in) Garden of Glass features.[1] One benefit of this approach is that is impossible to have a version conflict between Botania and the Garden of Glass jar.


With this addon installed, players are able to access a new Garden of Glass world type when creating a world. The player will spawn in the void standing on a 3x3 grass platform with three layers of dirt underneath. There is also a water source and some root blocks which will drop Living Roots when broken. Living Roots can be converted to Floral Fertilizer (crafting 1x1) or turned into a sapling (crafting 2x2). Living Roots also function as bonemeal. The player spawns with a Lexica Botania in their inventory, allowing them to immediately access Botania.

Players can shift-click on dirt with an empty hand in a Garden of Glass world to search through the dirt for pebbles, which can be crafted 2x2 to create cobblestone. Another addition is a method to allow players to create Obsidian without a cobblestone generator, allowing travel to the Nether.

Full details of the changes in the Garden of Glass world type are available in-game in the Lexica Botania.

Additions and changes[]

When Garden of Glass is enabled, the following changes to gameplay occur:


The name "Garden of Glass" is a reference to a song from the Japanese multimedia project Love Live!.[2]

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