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Galgadorian Wood Cutter

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Previous tier
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls

Module typeTool
Modular cost120
Construction time2 hr 36 min 19 sec
Tool typeWood Cutter
Drop multiplier125 %

The Galgadorian Wood Cutter is the third tier of Steve's Carts' Wood Cutters.


The Galgadorian Wood Cutter tool is created with five Galgadorian Saw Blades, one Reinforced Metal and one Wood Cutting Core, or upgraded from the Hardened Wood Cutter with five Galgadorian Metal, one Iron Ingot and the wood cutter.


The Wood Cutter GUI

The Wood Cutter's GUI.

When mounted on a cart using the Cart Assembler, the Wood Cutter tool will construct and maintain a tree farm. The Wood Cutter tool has a three slot inventory, which should be stocked with Saplings. As the cart makes its way around the track, the Wood Cutter will plant the Saplings from its inventory on every other block on either side of the track.

Once a tree is fully grown, the wood cutter cart will pause as it removes the tree. It first clears the Leaves and restocks its own Saplings inventory, before placing any extra in any storage modules. Apples are also collected and stored. The Wood Cutter will then chop down the Wood blocks that remain.

Once the tree is fully cleared, it will plant a new Sapling in its place and continue down the track. If it has no more space for Wood, it will continue to trim the leaves but not remove the Wood until the minecart has storage room for Wood.

  • Only a single tool is allowed per cart.
  • The Wood Cutter will plant one sapling on both sides of the track every second dirt block.
  • The Wood Cutter will collect Wood, Saplings, and Apples and place them in a storage module
  • The Wood Cutter can only plant Oak Saplings, Birch Saplings, Spruce Saplings, and Jungle Saplings.
  • The Wood Cutter will only cut down Wood Blocks if it has space for them.
  • Note: If powered with a Solar Engine, leaves will block the solar panels, so the cart should have tiny or regular coal engine as an alternate power source while it is chopping down trees.

Complimentary Modules


  • Only a single tool is allowed per cart.

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