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GT New Horizons
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Maintained byDreamMasterXXL
Version info
Current stable2.0.9.0QF4

GT New Horizons is a Technic and CurseForge modpack created by DreamMasterXXL. It is a large modpack with many different mods, including magical and technical mods, but it is all balanced around GregTech 5 Unofficial using MineTweaker.

It was featured on Technic in the first Volume of Technic Scraps.

CurseForge Description

What is GT New Horizons?

You are looking at a big progressive kitchensink [sic] pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 balanced around the mod GregTech.

Over 3 years of developement [sic] (and still going) have formed a balance and refinement that only a handful of packs can keep up with. We are talking about thousands of recipe tweaks, a massive questbook with custom reward system, unique world generation, custom mods coded for the pack, custom Thauminomicon pages, and many more.

The main intentions of the pack are a long lasting experience and tying mods together in a progressive fashion, making it feel more like a single game than a compilation of mods thrown together.

To reach this goal GT New Horizons is using the tiers (basically ages of technology) from GregTech and allocates content of other mods to a fitting point within the progression.

Starting in the stone age you will barely be able to survive until you get your first steam machines and eventually reach electricity. Later on you will have to visit other planets and dimensions to gather important ressources [sic] and fight mighty bosses to channel their magical power.

If you are fan of expert mode packs and want to take it to the next level this pack will be your friend!
CurseForge description

What does this pack have to offer?


GregTech on its own comes with a huge tech tree using the EU system and the other technology based mods will open up while you are progressing through the tiers.

The main cables of GregTech convert EU to RF so you don't have to worry about different energy systems and things feeling incompatible.

Complex processing lines, automation, a large variety in power generation and a lot of materials to work with create an enviroment with many possibilities that the player has to explore.

Crossbreeding plants, bees and crops with Forestry and IndustrialCraft2, setting up mobfarms using EnderIO and Draconic Evolution, and general infrastructure improvements with Railcraft and Applied Energistics - it's all there, anything you want (and need!) if you enjoy the technical aspect of modded Minecraft.


GT New Horizons comes with a variety of powerful magic mods. Your main access will be through the Thauminomicon which is modified to also feature custom sections for Blood Magic, Witchery, and other important things besides having the usual content of Thaumcraft and its add-ons.

The Twilight Forest is the dimension linked to magic in this pack and you will have to explore and defeat the bosses to progress in magic. Later on there is power generation with essentia and options to store it using your AE system connecting technology with magic.


Using Realistic World Gen along with Biomes o'Plenty creates a beautiful terrain in the overworld.

Besides all the biomes and natural structures you can find there will be challenging Rogue-like Dungeons that come with decent loot and spawners you might want to use in creative ways.

In the early game, villages offer a nice resting spot while looking for the optimal base location. Later you will revisit the villages to trade for key items and scavenge for parts. Eventually you may end up relocating villagers closer to you - or taking over a village yourself.

Put the mining back in Minecraft

GregTech spawns ore in large localized veins rather than small clusters of everything, rewarding long searches with a huge vein that can sustain your base's growth for a long time.

In most packs nearly everything spawns in the overworld which is not the case in GT New Horizons, and you are encouraged to mine in other dimensions such as the Twilight Forest, the nether, the end and (later on) even on other planets to make your way to the endgame. Unlocking things by mining for materials on other planets will create that situation where Galacticraft all of a sudden becomes important to progress which feels really rewarding.


The first few days and nights will be rough, in fact nights will stay rough for a while since hardcore darkness makes them pitch black without any light sources or potion effects, so you might want to get a bed quickly!

Food is a critical thing early game and you can't keep eating the same things because of Spice of Life. Better watch out for some gardens from Pam's Harvestcraft to get some variety into your nutrition!

Be prepared to face strong mobs that can cause death quickly if you play without any strategy.

Facing them with better gear will make life easier once you progress but until then light up your base - there are plenty of options available from Chisel, Project Red, Ztones and Floodlights.


GT New Horizons comes with over 1300 quests that will guide the player through the maze that modded Minecraft can be.

The texts will inform you what's required to progress so you don't have to watch tutorials or ask others as often. The questbook can even save you the time to type into NEI, just click the items displayed in the quest and it will display the recipe through NEI, quite handy right?

Custom lootbags and the coin system make for unique and helpful rewards. And we all enjoy the gamble from time to time.

Is this a game for newbies?

Newbies to Minecraft? Definitely not. Newbies to modded Minecraft? Maybe. The questbook is a great introduction to the variety and type of mods available. With each mod gated players must learn about the mod to make the most of it while waiting for the next mod to unlock.

Is this modpack for me?

Does the thought of earning that top-end gear over weeks or months appeal to you? The usual packs feel like they are over in 1 or 2 weeks since you get OP gear so quickly?

How about designing a chemical processing system to rival a real oil refinery, with multiple inputs creating dozens of outputs and intermediate products to finally make a bar of plastic, rubber, explosives or other top end gear?

Does the sound of machinery processing ore via crushing, washing, centrifuging, smelting in a blast furnace, and cooling off in a vacuum freezer tickle your brain?

Then this is the pack for you.

Your pick is not ready.

Welcome home.
CurseForge description

Mods included

Mod Authors
Advanced Solar Panels SeNtiMeL
Adventure Backpack Darkona, runescapejon
AE2 Stuff bdew
AFSU Mod Xbony2
AngerMod Namikon
AppleCore squeek502
Applied Energistics 2 AlgorithmX2
Aqua Creepers MrCompost
ArchitectureCraft Greg Ewing
AsieLib asie, Vexatos
AutoPackager smbarbour
Automagy Tuhljin
Avaritia SpitefulFox, TTFTCUTS
Avaritiaddons WanionCane
Backpacks Eydamos
Baubles azanor
Bdlib bdew
BeeBetterAtBees HellFirePvP
Better Questing Funwayguy
Better Questing - Quest Book Drethic
Better Questing - RF Expansion Funwayguy
Better Questing - Standard Expansion Funwayguy
BiblioCraft Nuchaz
BiblioWoods Nuchaz
Binnie's Mods Binnie567
Binnie Patcher Chocohead
Biomes O' Plenty Glitchfiend
BlockLimiter Namikon
Blood Arsenal Arcaratus
Blood Magic WayofTime
BloodyQuests warlordjones
Brandon's Core brandon3055
Buildcraft CovertJaguar
Buildcraft Compat buildcraftchildsplay
Carpenter's Blocks Mineshopper
Catwalks 2 thecodewarrior1
Chisel tterrag1098
CoFH Core TeamCoFH
CoFH Lib TeamCoFH
CodeChickenCore ChickenBones
CraftTweaker jaredlll08
Custom Main Menu lumien231
Default World Generator fireball1725
Draconic Evolution brandon3055
DummyCore Modbder
Electro Magic Tools TehNut, fewizz
Ender IO CrazyPants
Ender Storage ChickenBones
EnderZoo CrazyPants
EnderCore tterrag1098
Enhanced Portals 3 Alz454
Enhanced Loot Bags Namikon
Eternal Singularity KingWealthyturtle
Extra Cells 2 DrummerMC
Extra Utilities RWTema
Fastcraft Player
FloodLights Keridos
Forbidden Magic Assassinfox
Forestry SirSengir
Forge Relocation Mr_TJP
Forge Relocation - FMP Plugin Mr_TJP
Gadomancy makeoo
GalaticGreg BloodAsp, Namikon
Galacticraft Micdoodle, Radfast
GalaxySpace BlesseNtumble
Gendustry bdew
GraviSuite Sentimel, Namikon
GregTech 5 Unofficial GregoriusT, BloodAsp
GTNewHorizonsCoreMod DreamMasterXXL, Namikon
GTTweaker DreamMasterXXL
Hardcore Ender Expansion chylex
HelpFixer matthewprenger
HoloInventory dries007
Hunger Overhaul progwml6
IC2 Nei Crop Plugin Speiger
Iguana Tinker Tweaks boni
IndustrialCraft 2 IC2 Team
InfernalMobs Atomic Stryker
INpureCore INpureProjects
Inventory Tweaks Kobata
Iron Chests progwml6, cpw
Iron Chest Minecarts ganymedes01
Iron Tanks Indemnity83
JABBA ProfMobius
JourneyMap techbrew
Lava Monsters docrobb
Magic Bees MysteriousAges
MalisisCore Ordinastie
MalisisDoors Ordinastie
Mantle mDiyo
Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Nerd_Boy, GotoLink
ModTweaker jaredlll08
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR97
MicdoodleCore Micdoodle8
Music for Hardcore Ender Expansion chylex
Natura mDiyo, progwml6
NEI Addons bdew
NEI Integration tonius111
NodalMechanics Shukaro
NEI ChickenBones
NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs fewizz
IC2 Nuclear Control Xbony2
OpenBlocks OpenMods
OpenComputers SangarWasTaken
OpenMods Lib OpenMods
OpenModularTurrets Poenjabiesous
OpenPeripheral Addons OpenMods
OpenPeripheral Core OpenMods
OpenPeripheral Integration OpenMods
OpenPrinter MichiyoRavencroft
OpenSecurity MichiyoRavencroft
Pam's Harvest the Nether MatrexsVigil
Pam's HarvestCraft MatrexsVigil
p455w0rd's Library TheRealp455w0rd
PlayerAPI Divisor82
Project Blue Greg Ewing
Project Red Mr TJP
Railcraft CovertJaguar
Random Things lumien231
ReAuth TechnicianLP
RemoteIO dmillerw
Realistic World Generator ted80
Resource Loader lumien231
Roguelike Dungeons Greymerk
SG Craft gcewing
Special Mobs FatherToast
Steve's Addons hilburn
Steve's Carts Vswe
Steve's Factory Manager Vswe
Storage Drawers jaquadro
Storage Drawers: Biomes O' Plenty Pack jaquadro
Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack jaquadro
Storage Drawers: Misc Pack jaquadro
Storage Drawers: Natura Pack jaquadro
Tainted Magic yorkeMC
Thaumcraft azanor
Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning BlayTheNinth
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Parker8283
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin DjGiannuzz
Thaumcraft Node Tracker Dyonovan
Thaumic Bases Modbder
Thaumic Energistics Nividica
Thaumic Exploration nekosune
Thaumic Horizons TheKentington
Thaumic Machina jcm2606
Thaumic Tinkerer nekosune, pixlepix
The Spice of Life squeek502
The Twilight Forest Benimatic
ThemedQuestingPack Expansion Dr_Codex
TiC Tooltips squeek502
Tinkers' Construct mDiyo
Tinkers' Defense Lance5057
Tinkers' Gregworks Vexatos
Tinkers' Mechworks mDiyo
Translocators ChickenBones
Universal Singularities KingWealthyturtle, WanionCane
Utility Mobs docrobb
Utility Worlds Zarkov_1
WAILA Plugins tterrag1098
WAILA ProfMobius
WAILA Harvestability squeek502
WanionLib WanionCane
WarpTheory Shukaro
WAWLA darkh4x
Wireless Crafting Terminal TheRealp455w0rd
Witchery Emoniph
WR-CBE ChickenBones
YAMCore Namikon
Ztones riciJak

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