Fusion Reactor (GregTech 4)

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This page is about the Fusion Reactor added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Fusion Reactor.
Fusion Reactor

ModGregTech 2
GregTech 3
GregTech 4
TypeMultiblock structure

The Fusion Reactor is a multi-block Energy Unit (EU) Generator added by GregTech. It is the most advanced, complicated and expensive piece of machinery in the game. It creates Helium Plasma by fusing either Tritium or Helium-3 with Deuterium. Helium Plasma then has to be transported to Plasma Generators to generate EU. Using 3 other recipes, it can also produce Iridium Ore and Platinum Dust.


The Fusion Reactor is a variable multiblock, meaning that some blocks can be swapped for others depending on the desired reaction. The Fusion Reactor needs the following blocks to operate:

The amount of Energy Injectors depends on the desired reaction. Each Energy Injector has an internal storage of 10 million EU, so the Deuterium-Tritium reaction, which requires a starting energy of 40 million EU only needs 4 Energy Injectors while the Lithium-Tungsten reaction requires 10 Energy Injectors since it needs 100 million EU of starting energy.

Mutliblock Structure:

To start the reactor it needs 2 things: fusion materials and enough energy. Fusion materials can be supplied into the Fusion Material Injectors. It is important that one fuel needs to be inserted into the top injector and the other into the bottom injector. Note that if cells are pumped in they will need to be extracted as well; otherwise the reactor will stop when the cell output reaches 64 Empty cells. Energy needs to be inserted into the Energy Injectors. The energy level can be checked in the Fusion Control Computer.

When the reaction is running the fused material, either helium plasma, iridium ore, or platinum dust can be extracted from the Fusion Material Extractor. Note that the Helium Plasma is created in it's plasma form, and not inside cells, and thus needs to be extracted with Liquiducts or Waterproof Pipes. The plasma then needs to be transported to Plasma Generators.

Though the startup energy is only required once, the reactor still needs a constant supply of energy during the reaction. This depends on the reaction used:

  • Tritium - Deuterium = 4,096 EU/t
  • Helium-3 - Deuterium = 2,048 EU/t
  • Wolframium - Lithium = 32,769 EU/t
  • Wolframium - Berylium = 32,768 EU/t

This can easily be done by connecting 1 or 2 plasma generators directly to the Energy Injectors (this can't be done with the iridium or platinum recipes). Because of the high voltage Plasma Generators give, they can only be connected with HV Cables or Superconductor Wires.


The Fusion Reactor has 4 possible Reactions:

Energy yield

Start: EU
EU/t: EU/t
IN: 524288 EU

Start: EU
EU/t: EU/t
IN: 262144 EU
Deuterium - Tritium Deuterium - Helium-3
Startup Energy 40 million 60 million
Total Energy yield 7,649,712 EU 7,929,856 EU
Easily renewable yes no

Material yield

Start: EU
EU/t: EU/t
IN: 16777216 EU

Start: EU
EU/t: EU/t
IN: 16777216 EU

The advantage of creating Iridium in the aforementioned UU-Matter method is that it costs less EU.