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ModEsteemed Innovation
TypeSolid block
Liquid storage1000 mB

The Funnel is a block from Esteemed Innovation. It is used to catch fluids in the world and insert them into fluid storage or transport devices. Like the Hopper, it can be placed in order to face and input into a specific block face. It appears in the world as a Hopper that is made of Copper. It can store up to 1 bucket of a given fluid at a time.


The Hopper is made by dipping a Wooden Cone into 45 units of Copper in a Crucible.

Journal entry

I've considered the properties of particulates which fall, such as a sand and gravel and come to the conclusion that liquids must obey similar laws. As a result of my experiments I've constructed the funnel, which operates as a hopper does but for fluids. This should ease water collection for various purposes.
Esteemed Innovation, Miscellaneous: Funnel