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Fuel Rod (MOX)

ModIndustrialCraft 2

The Fuel Rod (MOX) is an item added by IndustrialCraft 2. It is a fuel for the Nuclear Reactor and an alternative to Fuel Rod (Uranium) that allows for much higher power output. It lasts for half the time of the Uranium Fuel Rod, but scales its output with the core percentage of the reactor—up to 5x its normal output. This gain is only based on the core heat vs core max heat, which means if Reactor Plating is added, it will take more heat to get the same EU/t.


Core Temperature Fuel Rod (MOX) Dual Fuel Rod (MOX) Quad Fuel Rod (MOX)
0% 5 EU/t 20 EU/t 60 EU/t
25% 10 EU/t 40 EU/t 120 EU/t
50% 15 EU/t 60 EU/t 180 EU/t
75% 20 EU/t 80 EU/t 240 EU/t
100%[1] 25 EU/t 100 EU/t 300 EU/t
  1. At 100% Core Temperature the reactor is melting down and exploding.