Fuel Processor

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Fuel Processor

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textBreaks down Furnace fuels into Fuel Pellets
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance1.3.0

The Fuel Processor is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. When supplied with enough Hot Air, it breaks down Furnace fuels into individual Fuel Pellets.

The amount of pellets produced from a single fuel is equal to how many items it can smelt in a Furnace, rounded down. If a single fuel would produce more than 64 Pellets, then Fuel Pellets x4 are produced instead and the result is rounded down accordingly. Fuels that burn more than 256 items are converted into x16 pellets, and fuels that burn more than 1024 items are converted into x64 pellets.

Fuels that burn for less than an item (200 ticks), more than 4096 (819200 ticks), or that leave an item when used (such as Lava Buckets) can not be processed.

The time the Fuel Processor takes to process an item is given by the following formula:


  • time is the processing time in ticks
  • itemsSmelted is how many items the fuel can smelt in a Furnace, rounded down