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Friction Heater


The Friction Heater is a machine added by RotaryCraft. It consumes Shaft Power to increase the temperature of an adjacent machine. It can also be used to power a standard Furnace without consuming fuel.



When a Friction Heater is placed facing a RotaryCraft machine and given power, it will quickly and significantly increase the temperature of that machine, if the machine has a temperature value relevant to its function. This is most commonly important to the Blast Furnace.

The other primary use of the Friction Heater is to heat and power a conventional Furnace. A Furnace heated by a Friction Heater will not consume fuel and will operate significantly faster than it would normally. Additionally, a Furnace heated by a Friction Heater is the only way to smelt Tungsten Flakes into Sintered Tungsten Ingots, although this process requires a temperature of 1350C.

The Friction Heater can be operated with a simple Steam Engine and no Gearbox, however it can be operated significantly more effectively by using Gearboxes to make its input torque and speed equal. (A Steam Engine alone will heat a Furnace to 575C; if that Steam Engine's power is fed through a Gearbox to make its speed and torque equal, the Furnace will be heated to 625C. For a Blast Furnace, 570C will not smelt HSLA Steel Ingots, but 625C will.)


The temperature formula for the Friction Heater is

A Friction Heater must be able to reach a temperature of 300 C in order to power a Furnace and a temperature greater than 500C in order to accelerate a Furnace. After exceeding 500 C, the Furnace's working speed will be accelerated using the following formula:


  • equals the end acceleration rate
  • equals the temperature of the Friction Heater.

To reach double the standard processing speed of a Furnace, the temperature of the Friction Heater must be at 600 C:

To reach triple the standard processing speed of a Furnace, the temperature of the Friction heater must be at 900 C:

triple speed.

The maximum possible speed-up before a Furnace will try to melt is therefore

slightly below 5x normal speed, causing each smelting action to take 21 ticks.

Friction Heaters have two dangers to them: when active, they damage and set fire to entities or players who touch them, and if they are fed too much power they can heat Furnaces to the point where they melt down into Lava (at a temperature of 2000C).