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Frames are a set of items added by Forestry and some of its addons. They are used in Apiaries to improve the production rate of the bees.

Extra Bees adds a block for the Alveary so that frames can be used in them. The mod also adds several frames with additional modifiers.

Magic Bees also adds new frames. As of v. 2.0.0 they do not tax the local aura.

Frames modify one or more of:

  • Production Chance
  • Mutation Chance
  • Lifespan
  • Territory

All these values are multiplicative.

Some frames have a maximum effect achievable with stacking that type of frame.

Frame Name Added by Durability Production
(max) Mutation
(max) Lifetime (max) Territory (max)
Untreated Frame Forestry 80 200% 1000%*
Impregnated Frame Forestry 240 200% 1000%*
Proven Frame Forestry 720 200% 1000%*
Chocolate Frame Extra Bees 240 150% 500%* 75% 25%
Restraint Frame Extra Bees 240 75% 50% 75% 50% 50% 10%
Soul Frame Extra Bees 80 25% 10% 150% 500% 75% 50%
Healing Frame Extra Bees 240 75% 20% 50% 20% 150% 500%
Nova Frame Extra Bees 240 0.01% 0.01%
Magic Frame Magic Bees 240 200%
Resilient Frame Magic Bees 800 200%
Gentle Frame Magic Bees 200 140% 70% 150%
Metabolic Frame Magic Bees 130 120% 180%
Necrotic Frame Magic Bees 280 75% 30%
Temporal Frame Magic Bees 300 250%
Oblivion Frame Magic Bees 50 0% 0.01%

If the frames change the mutation rate to more than 1000%, the princess/queen may degenerate into a swarmer bee. The same is true if the player overworks her by boosting production rate to more than 1600%. Swarmer bees are marked with a [-] behind their name and will die off at a random time in the future.

Special Notes

  • The frames added by Forestry (Untreated, Impregnated, Proven Frame) won't have an effect if the production boost without that frame is above 1000%. 4 frames will boost it to 1600%, while a fifth frame won't have any effect.
  • The frames added by Extra Bees have their maximum at the given value. Should the player use 5 Chocolate Frames, the bees' lifespan is shortened to exactly 25%. Adding more frames won't have any effect.