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This page is about the Frame Motor from Project Red. For other uses, see Frame Motor.
Frame Motor

ModProject Red
Required modulesExpansion

The Frame Motor is a machine added by Project Red. This machine moves a block, direct on the top of the machine, one block forward (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Frame Motor with the Chemical Decomposer into circa 80 Iron (Fe), circa 60 Copper (Cu) and possibily some other chemical elements and compounds.



The move direction is displayed by a small white arrow on the side of the machine. With the Screwdriver or Electric Screwdriver the orientation can be change freely to all directions, and with additional holding the crouch-key the orientation along the y-axis can be changed easier.

For operation the machine requires Electrotine Power, which can be supplied by Low Load Power Line and Framed Low Load Power Line. If the machine has enough power, one the lower half of the machine lights up some blue lights.

To move a block on the top of the machine (only the block direct on the top), the machine needs a redstone signal. This can receive via Redstone or the Red Alloy Wire and Insulated Wire from Project Red. If the machine is loaded with energy, no other block is blocking the movement direction and a redstone signal receives the machine, the block on the top moves one block in the indicated direction.

To moves a second block (which eg. was moved by an other Frame Motor on this) the first redstone signal must be terminated and an new signal must receive the Frame Motor.