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This page is about Fragments added by Thaumic Bases. For other uses, see Fragments.

ModThaumic Bases

Fragments are consumable items added by Thaumic Bases. They are attuned to one (or more) primal aspects and when used will bestow research points depending on the aspects they contain. Fragments are obtained by breaking a fully grown Rosa Mysteria flower. The type of Fragment obtained depends on the type of block the flower is growing on; for example, an Aer Fragment will drop from a Rosa Mysteria planted on an Air Crystal Block. They can be "washed" in a Crucible to make Knowledge Fragments.

Mixed Fragments will grant the player 2 research points in each primal aspect and Tainted Fragments will grant them 1 research point in each primal aspect as well as some Warp on occasion.

Thaumonomicon entry

A wise thaumaturge keeps kis [sic] knowledge in books and papers - that's why there are soooo many of those Knowledge Fragments scattered around the world. However, every living being has it's [sic] sort of memory - animals and humans use their brainz [sic], zombies use other's brainz [sic]... What about plants? They do have a memory too, don't they? Well, what happens should you infuse a plant in a lot of kognitio [sic] essentia? Well, the results... are interesting for sure. Only one plant was able to survive the infusion - the Rose. You've tried planting it and letting it grow. No success... almost.
A newborn Rosa Mysteria seems too weak for the regular soil - it dies of without any aspects supporting it's growth. You've tried putting it on top of Salis Mundus - does not do the job. However, those Aspect Blocks serve like a descent enough base for the plant to grow. While growing it will accumulate aspects from the block underneath it. Once grown a Knowledge Fragment of sorts can be harvested. It will be attuned to certain aspects based on the block the Rose was growing on. The fragment can be washed-up in a crucible to remove it's [sic] attunement, but it looses much in the process. Growing the rose on top of a mixed block yelds [sic] a Mixed Fragment. it is up to you to discover what would happen should you grow the rose on a Tained [sic] Block, but you have a feeling that nothing good will happen...
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