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Fractionation Unit

Liquid storage240000 mB
Required power65536 W
Required speed8192 rad/s

The Fractionation Unit is a machine added RotaryCraft. It is used to produce the Jet Fuel used by the Microturbine, Gas Turbine, and Pulse Jet Furnace.



Six different components are required to create Jet Fuel: Blaze Powder, Pink Dye, Netherrack Dust, Tar Sand, Ethanol Crystals, and Magma Cream. One Ghast Tear is also required as a catalyst, and is not consumed in the reaction. The amount of Jet Fuel produced is based on the pressure inside the Fractionation Unit. Giving 1024 Nm of Torque will allow the player to hit maximum pressure, which raises efficiency to 250% of its base value. Lower values of torque will lower the efficiency. The output is on average 4000 mB jet Fuel per operation at 250% efficiency. Each of the 6 components have a 10-40% chance of having 1 item consumed per operation.

The Fractionation Unit requires a Speed of 8192 Rad/sec to operate, but feeding it higher Speeds will cause it to run faster, as per the following formula:

  • Time in Ticks, x = input speed

At its minimum operating speed of 8192 Rad/sec, it takes 13.95 seconds to run a single reaction. This can be achieved with a Gasoline Engine or four Steam Engines and a 16:1 Stone Gearbox. Every time the speed is doubled beyond that, the processing time decreases by 2 seconds. A speed of 1,030,562 (rounded up to 2^20, 1,048,576) Rad/sec is required to reach maximum speed, one tick per reaction. As there is no minimum required Torque, a Microturbine, an 8:1 Diamond or Bedrock Gearbox, and a Shaft Junction can theoretically power two Fractionation Units at maximum speed. However, they will do so at extremely low efficiency.

The resource consumption of the Fractionation Unit is dependent upon the configuration setting I:"Difficulty Control". If I:"Difficulty Control"=1, each of the 6 components will have a 3.125% chance of being consumed. If I:"Difficulty Control"=3, each of the 6 components have a 75% chance of being consumed.