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Mail is a builtin Forestry plugin that allows players to exchange mail and trade on servers with other offline or online players

Blank Letters can be written, with items as optional attachments, and posted to other players' Mailboxes by right clicking a completed mail on a Mailbox. Letters need to have Stamps affixed to be posted.

Trades can be setup in a Trade Station by giving it a name, configuring a block or item the Trade Station wants, as well as an item (and quantity) the Trade Station will trade. Players can use the Catalogue to list all available trades on the server, and then craft a Letter—changing the address mode to Trader Station to address the trade they want to engage in and attach as many of the Trade Stations required item as needed.

Server Commands

Admins can virtualize a Trade Station that will not stop honoring orders if it runs out of stock or capacity to hold payment.

  • /forestry mail trades
  • /forestry mail virtualize <Trader Station Name>