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This page is about the Force Arrow added by Electroblob's Wizardry. For other uses, see Force Arrow.
Force Arrow

ModElectroblob's Wizardry
Mana Cost15
Cooldown20 ticks
Usable by WizardsYes
Technical details
Registry nameforce_arrow
First appearance1.0
Shoots an arrow of force in the direction you are pointing.
Spell Book

Force Arrow is a spell added by Electroblob's Wizardry.

When cast it launches a projectile that travels in a straight line, dealing 7 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage to what it hits. The projectile disappears after 1 second of being in the air.

Wand Range Upgrades increase the travel speed of the projectile and potency from sorcery wands increases the damage.