Food Enricher

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Food Enricher

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textMakes Purified Food more nutritious
Blast resistance135
Technical details
First appearance1.3.0

The Food Enricher is a machine added by Prodigy Tech. When supplied with enough Hot Air, it increases hunger restored and the saturation ratio of any inserted Purified Food by 2 half shanks and 0.1, respectively. This process is slower on foods with already high values and it can not increase hunger restored and saturation ratio beyond 20 half shanks and 1.2, respectively.

The time the Food Enricher takes to process a Purified Food is given by the following formula:


  • time is the processing time in ticks
  • food is how much hunger the input Purified Food restores, in half shanks as displayed in its tooltip
  • saturation is the saturation ratio of the input Purified Food, as displayed in its tooltip

Both the caps and the increase amount of both restored hunger and saturation ratio can be configured, it which case the formula changes to:


  • foodBonus is the configured restored hunger increase
  • saturationBonus is the configured saturation ratio increase