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Fluxian Laser Drill

ModAdvanced Fluxian Tools
RF storage400,000 RF
Technical details
Registry nameadvfluxtools:ItemLaserDrill
Unlocalized nameItemLaserDrill

The Fluxian Laser Drill is a tool from Advanced Fluxian Tools. This tool is used as a mining device, and can mine blocks at a large distance. When used, it will shoot an entity in the direction the player was facing, and, depending on the mode the drill is currently in, will either cause an explosion or mine a single block.

The Fluxian Laser Drill has two modes: explosion and mine. Explosion mode will simply turn the projectile into an explosive of a configurable size. Mine mode will break the block that it collides with, as long as it has a hardness less than 30, and not -1. Explosion mode will use 8,000 Redstone Flux per shot, while Mine mode will use 2,000 Redstone Flux. Modes can be set by sneak-using the tool.


Thermal Expansion


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