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ModThermal Expansion 5
EnchantabilitySee §Tiers
Mining levelSee §Tiers

The Fluxbore is an item added by Thermal Innovation. It is a pickaxe-shovel hybrid that is powered by RF.



The Fluxbore when initially crafted has no power. It can be charged in an Energetic Infuser. Each block mined uses 200 RF.

The Fluxbore has five mining modes that can be switched between using the "Cycle Item Mode" key (V by default):

  • Single Block
  • Tunnel: 1x2
  • Area: 3x3 (not available for Basic Fluxbore)
  • Area: 3x3x3 (not available for Basic, Hardened and Reinforced Fluxbore)
  • Area: 5x5 (not available for Basic, Hardened, Reinforced and Signalum Fluxbore)

The Fluxbore can be dyed by crafting it with a dye. Dyed Fluxbores can be crafted back into the original color.


Fluxbores can be enchanted with pickaxe enchantments from Vanilla, as well as some enchantments added by mods, such as CoFH Core. Unbreaking reduces RF consumption while Holding increases RF capacity.


The Fluxbore comes in 5 tiers, including an extra Creative tier which is not craftable or obtainable through normal gameplay. Higher tiers have increased energy storage capacity and enchantability, mine faster, has more mining modes, and increasing mining level.

Tier Capacity (RF) Enchantability Mining level
Basic 40,000 10 2
Hardened 120,000 10 2
Reinforced 240,000 15 3
Signalum 400,000 15 3
Resnonant 600,000 20 4
Creative Infinite 20 4