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Flux Rift
Entity TC6 Flux Rift.png
ModThaumcraft 6

The Flux Rift is an immobile entity added by Thaumcraft 6. It spawns when Flux in the local chunk's aura exceeds 75% of the chunk's Vis cap. Flux Rifts are a source of Void Seeds, Primordial Pearls, and Taint.


Flux Rifts can spawn when Flux levels in a chunk's aura exceed 75% of the chunk's Vis cap. The chance for a chunk to spawn a rift on an aura tick is 1% per 50 Flux. Flux Rifts can not spawn in a 64×64×64 area around an another Flux Rift. Flux Rifts must have at least a portion of the rift with no blocks above it, up to the build limit. Creating a solid platform of any block can control the height of the Flux Rift's spawn.

When spawned, a Flux Rift will drain Flux from the chunk's aura, and its initial size depends directly on the amount drained.


Every 30 seconds, the rift will drain some Flux from the aura to slightly increase in size. If the rift would extend into a block, it will break that block, unless it is unbreakable. Fully stable rifts cannot drain Flux to grow.

Over time, the rift will get increasingly less stable. Once the rift becomes unstable, it will try to stabilize itself by causing a random event in the nearby area. Stability can be determined from the appearance of the rift: the less stable a rift is, the more it appears to shake, and unstable rifts additionally have transparent swirls running around it, with the amount of swirls increasing with instability. Stability can be increased by Stabilizers in a 17×17×17 area around a rift.

Entities in the rift will continuously take 2 (Heart.svg) void damage, and items will be destroyed.

If a Causality Collapser is thrown at a nearby surface, or a certain rift event occurs, the rift will collapse.

Players wearing Goggles of Revealing are able to see an outline of Flux Rifts through walls.

Rift events


A Wisp will be spawned in a 10×10×10 area around the rift, with locations closer to the rift being more likely. The wisp has a 20% chance to be a Vitium wisp instead of a random one. This event has a weight of 50.

Taint Seed

The Flux Rift will disappear, spawning a Giant Taint Seed in a 10×10×10 area around the rift, with locations closer to the rift being more likely. The seed will be temporarily boosted, causing it to spread Taint faster, and additional Flux will be released in the chunk. This event has a weight of 10 and can not occur in the spread range of any Taint Seeds.

Flux Phage

Flux Phage IV will be inflicted on all mobs and players in a 32×32×32 area for 2 minutes 30 seconds. This event has a weight of 20.

Flux cloud

A custom spell will be cast on the nearest player in a 16 block radius around the rift. The spell is composed of a Cloud focus medium with a random radius and duration, with the Flux focus effect attached. Despite the rift being the source of the effect, the spell's caster is the targeted player. This event has a weight of 20.


The rift will quickly shrink, causing a few weak explosions that do not damage blocks and releasing a small amount of Vis and Flux into the aura, and finally disappears. Once the rift disappears, some Void Seeds will be dropped by it, with a small chance to drop a damaged Primordial Pearl as well. The chance of a pearl is equal to the amount of seeds dropped, and increases with the square root of the rift's size. This event has a weight of 1.