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Flux Pack
ModSimply Jetpacks

The Flux Pack is a group of chestplate-armors added by Simply Jetpacks.

Having a Flux Pack equipped will automatically transfer Redstone Flux (RF) from it to. Different Flux Packs use different amounts of RF, different amounts of RF storage and different speeds .


Different Flux Packs have different stats. Each Jetpack has a Tier; each Tier is considered superior to the Tier before, and inferior to the Tier after. Higher Tiers usually have higher speeds and RF Capacities, although they are more expensive.

The Flux Packs

Flux Pack Tier Required mod RF Capacity RF Transfer Armor Plating

Leadstone Flux Pack
1 Thermal Expansion 4 400,000 RF 80 RF/t None (0)

Basic Capacitor Pack
1 Ender IO 400,000 RF 80 RF/t None (0)

Hardened Flux Pack
2 Thermal Expansion 4 2,000,000 RF 400 RF/t Iron Armor Plating (6)

Double-Layer Capacitor Pack
2 Ender IO 2,000,000 RF 400 RF/t Silicon Armor Plating (6)

Redstone Flux Pack
3 Thermal Expansion 4 10,000,000 RF 2000 RF/t Bronze Armor Plating (6)

Quadruple-Layer Capacitor Pack
3 Ender IO 10,000,000 RF 2000 RF/t Conductive Iron Armor Plating (6)

Resonant Flux Pack
4 Thermal Expansion 4 50,000,000 RF 10,000 RF/t Invar Armor Plating (6)

Octadic Capacitor Pack
4 Ender IO 50,000,000 RF 10,000 RF/t Electrical Steel Armor Plating (6)

Flux-Infused JetPlate
5 Thermal Expansion 4 50,000,000 RF 20,000 RF/t None (6)

Dark Soularium JetPlate
5 Ender IO 50,000,000 RF 20,000 RF/t None (6)

Creative Flux Pack
9001 - - 20,000 RF/t None (6)