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Flux Condenser

TypeTile entity
Blast resistance60
TC6 Aspects







The Flux Condenser is a tile entity added by Thaumcraft 6. It is used to absorb Flux in the chunk it is in. It is part of a somewhat freeform multiblock structure; it requires Flux Condenser Lattices placed above it to properly function, with each additional lattice increasing the essentia-to-flux cost and speed. With one lattice, 5 units of any essentia must be pumped into the Condenser's sides to output 1 unit of
essentia from the bottom; attempting to input
into the Condenser will result in clogging the Lattices instantly, which will need to be replaced.

Over time the Lattices will become clogged and will not help in absorbing Flux and will need to be replaced by using an Essentia Filter in it. If any of them are connected to more Lattices and the Condenser, any Lattices after it will not help in cleaning up Flux. Connected Lattices will reduce the efficiency of its neighbors.


Thaumonomicon entry

I have managed to find a way of turn pure Flux in the aura into flux essentia. Flux essentia is hardly benign, but it is much easier to handle than raw Flux. Unfortunately the process is not simple, cheap, or fast.
I have drawn up plans for a Flux Condenser. When supplied with lots of essentia it can draw flux from the aura and force it to become essentia itself. Every point of flux drawn from the aura will require 5 or more essentia and some time. The type of essentia does not matter as long as I do not use Flux essentia. That would be bad.
Essentia can be piped into the sides of the Condenser and the resulting flux essentia can be drained from the bottom.
The Condenser is not all that is needed. I also need a special lattice that will actually draw the flux from the aura. The lattice pieces can be connected to the top of the Condenser and each other to form a multiblock structure. The more pieces I connect, the quicker the Condenser can draw flux from the aura. It does however increase the essentia cost.
The lattice cannot be attached any old way however:
1) The lattice blocks must be attached to the top of the condenser and all the connected lattice pieces must be above the condenser itself.
2) I can attach many lattice blocks together, but any lattice pieces further than 8 blocks from the condenser will automatically detach.
3) It is theoretically possibly to pack a large amount of lattice pieces into this 8 block range, but the benefit a lattice piece provides is reduced for each other lattice piece it is connected to.
4) It may appear that a single unbroken line of lattices would be the best configuration, but occasionally the filter in a lattice piece becomes clogged and unusable. All lattice pieces after the clogged one will no longer aid the conversion speed, though they will still add to the cost. The filter can be replaced by clicking on the clogged lattice piece with a fresh one.
To determine the cost and conversion rate of the Condenser multiblock I can simply use a Resonator on the Condenser itself.
Thaumonomicon, Flux Cleanup