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This page is about the Flux added by Thaumcraft 3. For other uses, see Flux.
ModThaumcraft 3

Flux is a disturbance in the vis Aura. Flux can be released into the aura through many sources including:

If the flux level gets too high, it will begin spawning Wisps and possibly cause other negative effects. Each node has its own independent flux level; if the player raises the flux to "Dangerous" in one node, the nodes around it will be minimally affected. Flux of an aura node can be measured by wearing the Goggles of Revealing. In the bottom-left corner, the info box will display "Flux: None/Minimal/Moderate/High/Dangerous."

The effects vary depending upon what types of aspects are released into the aura. For example,
will cause blindness while
will set the player on fire.

Controlling Flux

Flux can be controlled in many ways. Some methods are:

  • Avoid dumping excess aspects into the crucible.
  • Growing Silverwood Trees. Silverwood Trees contain a Pure Node which can slowly destroy flux.

Flux self-management

Flux fixes itself by spawning hostile mobs, including:

  • Wisps
  • Angry Zombies
  • Zombie Pigman
  • Giant Angry Zombies
  • Firebats