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Fluid Transportation Module

ModEnhanced Portals 3
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textPortal Frame Part
Liquid storage16,000 mB

The Fluid Transportation Module is a component in the construction of portals within Enhanced Portals 3. This block will allow the transportation of fluids directly between two portals.

The Fluid Transportation Module's GUI is only accessible with the Wrench, and the block is only visible with Glasses.

When attached to a fluid transportation device, it will either pull fluids from it and send them to the other portal, or input fluids into it from the other portal. This is configurable with the GUI, by setting its mode to either "Receiving" or "Sending" accordingly.

The internal capacity of the Fluid Transportation Module is 16,000 mB.

Sending a fluid without ever receiving it will cause the fluid to disappear until it can be received.