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Fluid Transfer Addon (Pull/Down)

ModIndustrial Foregoing

The Fluid Transfer Addon (Pull/Down) is a machine upgrade added by Industrial Foregoing. It is used to pull fluids from adjacent blocks into a machine by placing the addon in the machine's upgrade slot. The direction the addon will pull from can be cycled through by right clicking while holding it, or set directly by holding sneak and right clicking a side of a block. Doing this, it is possible to configure the addon to pull from the Up, North, East, South, West or Down direction.



Fluid Transfer Addons can be enchanted with Efficiency to increase the amount of fluid transferred.

Enchantment Max Transfer Amount
None 200 mb/10 ticks
Efficiency I 400 mb/10 ticks
Efficiency II 800 mb/10 ticks
Efficiency III 1600 mb/10 ticks
Efficiency IV 3200 mb/10 ticks
Efficiency V 6400 mb/10 ticks

"Industrial Foregoing"

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