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Fluid Storage Tank

TypeSolid block
Liquid storage64,000 mB

The Fluid Storage Tank is a block added by Cyclic stores liquids. Each stores up to 64 buckets of liquid. Fluid Storage Tanks can be stacked vertically to increase storage size, but neighboring tanks will not connect and share liquid contents. Liquids can be deposited or extracted into a tank using buckets, or via Fluid Extraction Cable.



Liquids separating per tank block

  • Different liquids cannot intermix while in a tank. Instead, they will separate per tank block.
  • To extract liquids from stacked tanks, the method of extraction (e.g. Fluid Extraction Cable or Fluid Pump (Immersive_Engineering)) must be placed on the bottom tank. If placed elsewhere it will only drain whichever tanks are above it vertically, plus the tank it is connected to.