Fluid Extraction Drill

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Fluid Extraction Drill

ModFactory Tech
Blast resistance12
Fluid Extraction Drill example GUI

The Fluid Extraction Drill is a machine added by Factory Tech. The Fluid Extraction Drill is used to extract Propane and Liquid Sulphur from the ground, depending on its placement.

  • All blocks below the Fluid Extraction Drill must be natural and solid; air blocks and artificial blocks will prevent operation.
  • The product, propane or sulphur is determined by the position of the drill.


Maintenance Requirements

The following parts are required for ongoing maintenance:

Part Variants Guaranteed uses Chance of breaking Cumulative break
chance increase
Salvage chance

5 20% 20% 40%
Circuit Board

4 10% 40% 60%

4 20% 10% 80%