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Fluid-O-Meter Sensor
Block Fluid-O-Meter Sensor.png

ModGregTech 6
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textMeasures Fluids (In Liters)
No GUI. Click to interact!
Technical details
Registry namegt.multitileentity:31006
First appearance6.00.36

The Fluid-O-Meter Sensor is a sensor added by GregTech 6 which measures fluids in liters (equivalent to millibuckets).



Sensors can be rotated with a Wrench horizontally. A Monkey Wrench can be used to specify which of the five non-front sides reads the adjacent block space. Both tools display the helper grid, but respond to the area clicked on the thin model itself.

Using a Screwdriver on the upper display section toggles between decimal and hexadecmial notation. Using the Screwdriver on the six buttons in the lower left increases or decreases the averaging period for readings. Using the Screwdriver on the lower right icon section rotates between sensor modes:

00000L Display raw amount
00000% Display percent of maximum capacity & Emit scaled 0-15
>0000L Emit 15 IF greater than set point
=0000L Emit 15 IF equal to set point
<0000L Emit 15 IF less than set point
☉0000L Emit 15 if NOT equal to set point
=100%L Emit 15 IF maximum or overflow
<100%L Emit 15 IF less than maximum

Many of these modes will cause the sensor block to become redstone powered under certain circumstances. While in any of the four compare to set point modes, the set point can be changed by clicking on the six buttons in the lower left with a useless item or empty hand, in the same way as the Screwdriver would change the averaging window.


The Sensor can show values between 0 and either 65535 (0xFFFF) if in hexadecimal mode, or 9999 if in decimal mode. If the target block holds more than 65.535 buckets of liquid it will display a modulo of the amount of liquid stored by the display's maximum (e.g. if a block holds 200 B, it will show 200 mod 65.535 = 3.395 B); this is equivalent to the display showing only the last digits of the whole reading.

Even when the Sensor emits a redstone signal, it will not power the block being scanned, only the other five faces.