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This page is about the Floppy Disk from ComputerCraft. For other uses, see Floppy Disk.
Floppy Disk


The Floppy Disk is an item added by ComputerCraft. How they work and interact with the Computers is very similar to how they would work in the real world with a real computer: a floppy disk is a means to make one's data portable and is inserted into a Disk Drive in order to read it. This allows players to easily distribute their own software or use it as a backup.



Like individual computers, each Disk has its own directories within the disk to contain the data which makes it easily movable from within the computer interface using simple Unix-like commands such as cp (copy) or mv (move). The player can do anything with the files and folders on a disk that they can with the computer's own files and folders.

When a Disk is inserted into a Disk Drive connected to a computer, a directory on the computer's root called "disk" is visible; if multiple Disks are inserted into multiple Disk Drives there will be a number appended to the disk in the nth place on the directory (e.g., "disk2" for the second disk and so forth).

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