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Flood Gate
Flood Gate.png


The Flood Gate was added in BuildCraft version 4.0.0 available on the 9th of August 2013, and is essentially the reverse of a pump allowing piped/stored liquids to be placed as liquid source blocks in the world.

With a Pump and a Flood Gate it is, for example, possible to transfer a lake from one location to another, or allow fuel to be stored in a 'tank' made from any block.

It will place water under and on all sides, but never higher than the Flood Gate itself.

The Flood Gate is open by default, and closed by redstone signal.

Will scan about 64 block away from the Flood Gate (horizontal) for empty blocks to fill. If the scan doesn't find any blocks to fill, it will wait some time and the scan again. The wait delay between scans will double every time it doesn't find anything, starting from 128 milliseconds and max at 16384 milliseconds. The delay will reset to 128 milliseconds when a block to fill is found. The scan delay will also reset with a redstone signal.